Pure Basmati rice typically grows in small, hand-tended fields in the Himalayan foothills. The Yamuna and Ganga rivers feed the paddies with melted snow. This extra long grain rice has a fluffy, light texture and a delicate, unmistakable flavor. The distinctive aroma of Basmati rice is enhanced with a unique aging process. Literally translated from Hindi, “Basmati” means “queen of scents” or “pearl of scents.”

Basmati is the least sticky of all rice. Like fine wine, Basmati improves with age. And, like wine, Basmati rice is at its best when paired with the right food. Basmati rice is the foundation of authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine. Do you have a favorite Indian restaurant? Basmati is probably the rice they use. Now you can bring this special taste into your home.

Grown In Himalayan Foothills
Available in 2lb and 20lb bags