Hinode short grain Hitomebore is a premium variety of rice that originated in Japan. The grains are glossy and soft when cooked, with a sticky yet smooth texture. The hint of sweetness and pure aroma of Hitomebore rice is best when served as traditional table rice or in sushi.

Simplicity is tradition when serving Hitomebore. There’s is no need for heavy sauces or strong spices when serving premium short grain rice. Try sprinkling Hitomebore rice with Furikake seasoning; a simple blend of sesame and seaweed.

Hitomebore tastes wonderful warm or cold. Its stickiness makes it one of the best types of rice for sushi or nigiri, Japanese rice balls. Our most loyal Hitomebore customers are professional sushi chefs, a notoriously particular bunch. If you are an “any rice will do” kind of cook, Hitomebore will change your ways. In Japanese, Hitomebore means falling in love at the first glance. You’ll fall in love with Hitomebore at the first taste.

Grown In USA
Available in 15lb bags