Wild rice is native to North America and was grown by Indians and early settlers for centuries. Wild rice is actually an aquatic grass that propagates in the upper Great Lakes region between America and Canada. Down south, long grain rice is grown in the lower Mississippi River Delta region. Together the Hinode White & Wild rice blend celebrates our history of farming grains in America.

Hinode combines wild rice with a parboiled enriched long grain to make a nutty and soft White & Wild blend. By parboiling the long grains, nutrients are retained in the inner layers before milling. Long grains also maintain their texture through longer cook times after being parboiled. This is helpful when cooking the two grains together at the same time.

Hinode White & Wild rice can be used all year round. Start in the spring with recipes that include seasonal favorites like peas, mint and lamb. Add it to salads and share it at barbeques over the summer. When fall harvest begins, try Hinode White & Wild rice with nuts and dried fruits to create bold pilafs. As temperatures dip outside and soups are simmering on your stove top, add some Hinode White & Wild rice for texture and flavor.

Grown In USA
Available in 1lb bag