Join the growing number of chefs that are using brown rice in place of white rice for increased nutrition, texture and taste. Hinode brown extra long grain rice is our top selling 100% whole grain product that retains the bran and germ in the outer, brown layer where nutrients and natural oils are stored.

Hinode brown rice can be used in recipes calling for regular white rice. Its nutty flavor compliments salads and casseroles. You’ll also find it in vegetarian loafs and burgers for added protein and texture. Carnivores serve Hinode brown rice with the rich flavors of beef, fowl and seafood. Many rice farmers are also avid outdoorsmen and women who enjoy pairing their wild game with Hinode brown rice. No matter what your pallet prefers, brown rice can add balance to your next meal.

Grown In USA
Available in 1lb and 1.75lb bags