What Grains Are Gluten-Free?

Wading through all the information about gluten-free diets can be daunting. So, we offer this guide to help you better understand what gluten is, why some people choose not to eat it, which grains have it and how to cook gluten-free with Hinode rice.


Here at Hinode Rice, we are a little jealous that Santa Claus gets to travel (and eat) his way around the world on Christmas Eve. Although we don’t have a sleigh, we’re happy to celebrate these distant traditions through their Christmas rice recipes. See how rice is used in Christmas…

Bring Back A Thanksgiving Tradition with Hinode Rice

Is Thanksgiving starting to feel like the movie Groundhog Day? You know, the same meal year after year and somehow we all get a little older and more stuck in our same routine. Well, we at Hinode rice think tradition can be new and adventurous!…

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Perfecting Rice Pilaf Recipes

It’s back to school season, and as much as we know how important it is to prepare a healthy home cooked meal, sometimes all of the planning and prepping starts to feel like homework… When we’re pressed for time (and patience), it’s easy to turn to…

Farmers Behind Hinode Rice Harvest 2015

It is hot, dry, and dusty here in the Central Valley and the 2015 rice harvest is underway for Hinode. The growing season started with uncertainty as we all waited for water to be allocated across California last spring. But that didn’t curb the commitment…